Wednesday, September 16, 2009


The Carlson boys, David, Scott and Ryan. As this picture was taken, David had been a returned missionary (from the Taiwan Kaohsiung Mission) for 11 days. Scott had been set apart as a missionary for about an hour. It was nice for the 3 brothers to be together for a little while at least!

On July 8, 2009 Scott and Alex Nightingale entered the MTC. Alex and his family, from Australia, are in our branch in Hong Kong. They said goodbye to Alex in HK and we got the honors of escorting him into the Mission Field. After all the goodbyes, Arvid, Ryan and I took them to the MTC (Ryan drove!) for the now-famous "drop-off." No more big, showy farewells. We literally dropped them at the curb and said "So long!" Note the casual clothes - I'm even wearing jeans.

I was able to snatch this picture up of Scott and Alex in the laundry at the MTC - taken sometime in July or August. Alex has an extra memory card for his camera and sends it home every so often for his mom to download pictures. She sends it back, and so on. Lucky them!

More pictures will be posted as I receive them.

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