Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scott arrives in Taiwan

Late Wednesday night, September 23, 2009, Scott arrived in Taipei, Taiwan to begin his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was able to call me yesterday (Tuesday afternoon in LA) before he boarded the plane to Taipei. We had a nice talk for about 25 minutes. He sounded so good!!! He had a great experience at the MTC and was really excited to get to Taiwan. He said he spoke with the airline's workers at the check-in desk as they were all Chinese (it was a Chinese airline). He spoke it fine, but had a lot of trouble understanding them, so he reverted back to English. He knows it will take awhile to get used to the accents and the speed in which they talk. He bore his testimony to me in Mandarin and it "sounded Greek to me!" He was with his MTC companion, Elder Adam, and their two roommates, one of whom is the son of the ex-Governor of Utah (Mike Leavitt) - he's also the former Secretary of Health and Human Services in George W. Bush's presidency. I don't know if I ever mentioned that, but I know Scott did.

At LAX, Scott also spoke with a police officer that was waiting for her flight. She had heard about our church but didn't know much, so he explained things to her. He is excited to go teach more.

He said his P-day (preparation day - basically a day off to do laundry, relax, write letters, etc.) is on Wednesdays. That's Tuesday for those in the US. It's somehow nice to know that Scott is on the same time zone as we are. I liked that with David, too. I hope that won't bother me when we move.

Just now when I spoke with him, he still sounded good, but very tired. I also got to speak with his mission president for a couple of minutes. All is well. (Arvid and I met his mission president and his wife last month when they were here for training. They're from Utah and he is a teacher in the Alpine School District. Nice people.)

Write to Scott! He would love hearing from you!

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