Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 8, 2009

Wow!!! Ryan broke something again? Well, I guess our family was due sometime... David or Ryan was the last thing broken right? I still have my perfect streak... but then again I'm not playing rugby or doing other crazy stuff... but hey, I'm on a mission. That's pretty crazy I think... giving up 2 years of my life in my prime ages... but hey, It is totally paying off and I love it here. Please tell Ryan I miss him and I hope he gets more girls going after him because of his sweet tackle and injury... haha... actually take back the girl part. He's already got enough running after him.

I can't believe I'm leaving in 15 days! I'm sooo excited! Part of the reason is that I get to bike again, another is that its my companion's first time out of the country (hehe I get to see him get culture shock), but a main part is just serving the people. There's something about going the extra mile to help someone that just makes you love the person. I was at the Church's Referal Center taking calls today, and This one guy called for a Together Forever DVD. He said he found the pass along card on the ground, so he called for it. He's blaming himself for being a bad husband. He said his family is falling apart because he's not a good husband. I sent him the DVD and moreover I talked to him about how our church and Jesus Christ could help him with his family. Family really is one of the core things of the church. I've learned that from both of your examples. After talking to him a bit how missionaries could help him find more happiness in life, he asked if we prayed for people over the phone... I would've been more surprised, but this was my second prayer I've given someone over the phone. The Spirit is so powerful. Even over phones. I really felt it and I wished with every part of my soul that I could help him, but in reality I'm a few thousand miles away from him and I'm just a small 19 year old. It's really neat to witness how much the Spirit is the helper and not the person. I really hope what I said to him helped him. But the thing I took away from that phone call was that it's possible to love someone even though you don't know them. I'm really excited to teach the Chinese people. I don't know them, their culture too well, but I know I have something that's personally helped my life.

I'm doing great though :) This mission is awesome.

I really hope things are going great for all of you though! I love my family :)

Elder Carlson

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