Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September15, 2009

Yeah!! I'm so excited to be going soon! I have about 8 days now. Then on to the plane, and in Taiwan!

... one thing that I've been thinking that I need when I teach. I'm only a small 19 year old, but I know if I'm humble the Lord can make me strong. I might not be the smartest person, or the best scriptorian, but I hope I can help others know of the truth through my own testimony.

We had Elder Hinckley (President Hinckley's son, if you didn't know that, but you probably did) come for the MTC Devotional on tuesday and he talked about a lot of different things, but probably one of the things that stuck the most was a short line he said. "Pay attention to your mission president, but special attention to his wife." It just made me rethink about how important women are in our lives. I'm pretty sure lots of the General Authorities wouldn't be where they are now without their wives. It's also really cool to see how important women are on a personal scale for the Temple. So I guess I just really need to thank you again Mom for all the things you've done for me and helped me grow up. And thanks too Dad for the example and kind guidance you've shown me during the years. I read something in an Ensign yesterday that showed me what kind of parent I need to be. It said to not control your kids, but to guide them to eternal life. I've never felt controlled by you two, but always guided to do the right choices always.

Arvid is flying in to Taipei for business the day before Scott arrives. Regarding this, Scott writes:

That would be soo cool to see you though Dad! I would love to run into you accidently on the street. I'll deffinitly keep my eye out for you while there! I'm glad to hear that all things are going good :) Not to stressful is it?

I'm so excited to go. I can give both lessons in Mandarin now, but my Plan of Salvation one is deffinitely better than the message of the Restoration, but they'll both get better and I still have to remember that I don't know much at all still. Thanks for the advice. I know I need to work hard and I'll do my best to serve the lord and not waste his time.

Hey, I need to go now, but I want to let you both (and Ryan) that I'm always thinking of you and that I love you all!

Elder Scott Carlson, 孔长老

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