Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oct. 21, 2009

Hey Family!!

Taiwan is an awesome country. It's just so great and there's a ton of great people here. The food is awesome and it's really beautiful here.

Today, Elder Youd and I are going to bike up to a waterfall in the mountains to see how hard it is to get all 8 members of our District up there. That's definitley going to be fun! And as Dad said, this is probably the most beautiful part of Taiwan. There's only 10 Elders and 4 Sisters that get to serve on the east coast at a time, so I feel pretty blessed here.

So here are some statistics.... I've been chased by about 15-17 dogs now... and it's still counting... Yeah... I don't know what else to count up. But yeah, the work is going great, I get to talk to people about Jesus Christ and his Gospel, but most importantly how it can bless their family.

We met this really cool family 2 weeks ago, and it's so cool to see how interested in the gospel they are. The Chao family lived in New Zealand for a few years and worked for a LDS church school up there, so they already knew a bit about our church. We just met with them yesterday and it was so interesting. We decided to share the message of the restored gospel, and why it's important to us today. They seemed most interested in the Book of Mormon and its significance to us today. We gave them a Chinese edition of the Book of Mormon. It was actually really funny because they talked about how we can't really understand the full meaning of the Bible because it's been translated a few times. They then wanted the English Book of Mormon because that would be much closer to the original meaning. It was just really neat to see the desire to read a book that I really believe came from God. We opened it up and shared a verse from Moroni, but from that verse, they kept on reading and reading.

Elder Youd and I really feel like these are REALLY good people. They seek for the truth and are willing and humble enough to test out different ways to find that truth. I know that Christ's gospel is true and is the way for the salvation of men. I know that when we read the truth and pray about it, we will know that something is true. It's just really cool to see all the little miracles that happen every day that witness that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of us all.

Anyways, that's just been the highlight of my week and something that I've learned. Miracles don't have to be huge things. But I know each one of them is a piece of evidence that God loves his children and always wants to help them.

By the way! I heard Dad's name on the Asia Area Broadcast thing this sunday... I was so excited!!! It was my Dad!! But I was listening to English so I don't know what the Mandarin translation was.

I love you all! I hope you all are individually doing well and are safe. I pray for you all every day.

Elder Scott Carlson - Kong Wei Yan Zhang Lao

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