Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 9

Kelly's note: Arvid and I are making plans to take David and Ryan to Taiwan at Christmas. Things aren't in place yet, but we hope it works out...

is way awesome. It's still in the 80's here, so it's way nice. You'll really love coming to visit here in the Winter. Hmm... I wonder if that means I'll be down here on the East Coast for a long time so that I don't run into you.

So this Transfer started today! Elder
Youd was moved out to a place called ZhongLi, and he's a Zone Leader. I really was trained by a great missionary. Elder Youd is really going to go far with his career. My new companion is Elder Lindsey. He's from Wisconson, and he's a really funny guy. This is going to be a really good transfer here in Yuli. I really hope you got my pictures! Again I'm sorry about the biking one :P

Something cool that happened this week is when we went to Fuli. (Fuli is really close to Yuli). We were walking to a member's house to meet some less-actives, and out of no where, a lady on a scooter stopped us. She looked at us, got off her scooter, handed each of us a 2-liter bottle of water and some snacks. We asked her why, and all she said was: "Yinggai de", which being interpreted means: Should be. She then took off. It's just so awesome to see the charity of the people here in Taiwan. As David always mentioned, these people don't have much, but they are so giving. Rarely would you go into someone's house and they not give you fruit or some sort of drink. What a charitable people!

Last week, Dad gave me a chapter to look up. John 14-16 is what I read about the
Holy Ghost and other things that Jesus taught. It's really cool to see the Holy Ghost's roles. The other thing I liked was in Jesus's Intercessory Prayer. He said to Sanctify us with truth, and God's word is truth. It really made me thing of how we are sanctified through truth. I'll have to think about that more and what it means for us; what we have to do be sanctified.

I'm still doing great here. I love doing work here and just helping people wherever I can. Probably one of the other most profound experiences I had this week is when a Former Investigator wants another try and stopping his addictions and coming to church and all. He set a baptismal date (my first!!) saying he will do his best to prepare for baptism. Usually when we invite people we get the following answers (from not very strong commitment to very strong): I'll try, give it a try, sure, will, deffinity will. We got the "will" from him, so we were really excited.

Anyways, I want to tell you that I know Repentance is true. It really is a change of heart, and no matter where we are spiritually, repentance can be used and make us better people. It will heal our lives and make us happier. It really is the only way to find everlasting happiness in life.

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