Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dec. 16, 2009

I'm doing just great! I heard a few things from people saying that recently I've been kinda discouraged and just wanted to let you know that I'm doing just great. I have up and down days just as everyone, and I hope that's not giving you the wrong idea. The Mission is SOOO awesome. I really liked what Elder Watson told us 2 Zone Conferences ago. He said that "one way to increase desire is to be extremely thankful in your nightly prayers". I've totally seen that. We have all been blessed so much in so many ways, but we occasionally forget. I've been so blessed spiritually so far on this mission and I need to remember what I have been given and where I'd be at right now if I didn't have this mission. I'm so thankful for what the Lord has given me, and I want to serve him better. Some times might be hard, but it's nothing I can't handle. What I liked about the Plan of Salvation lesson we teach is that trials were made so we could learn. They're not there to be a nuisance or to try to push us away from God's presence, but to give us a learning experience. 2 Nephi 2 teaches us that opposition is there to help us learn and be better people. Trials and hard times are ultimately good. Sometimes you just need to look beyond the short term problems and look to the long term blessings.

One thing that I found out recently is how important our person studies of the gospel are. We really can receive the Spirit to be with us during those times. If you want to go about your day happily and have the comfort the Spirit brings, I'd suggest having personal study in the morning. I'm not going to be the missionary that kinda forces things like that on my family or friends, but I can let you and the rest of the family know that it has blessed my daily life and I know it can bless theirs too.

Thanks so much for sharing scriptures and quotes to cheer me up. I really appreciate it :). I really hope you're not worrying too much about me here in Taiwan. The Lord's got my back and I have things I know I have to do after my mission, so I know I'll be safe.

Yeah! I'd love to see you all for lunch while in Taiwan. I'm probably transfering up to Taipei this Monday, so we'll see if I can see you guys or not!

Anyways, this week we've really progressed with some people. Ryan (investigator) is recently "too busy" to meet with us, but we have some investigators who just love the Book of Mormon, and read it alot. I'm excited but a tiny bit bummed I don't get to see them progress if I move. It's really cool though. I love it here :) One guy stopped me on the street the other day and said: "I want to join your church", so we set him up that night to start sharing the lessons.

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