Friday, February 12, 2010

Dec. 2, 2009

Thanks for the scriptures on not being discouraged. I don't think I am anymore. I can either look at it as I'm not getting anywhere, or I can look at it as that when I do get alot of things done later, I'll be much more appreciative for them. :) I know that when I move into a new area and do more investigator work, I'll be way happy when a person progresses more.

As for Investigators... Ryan is AWESOME! I think I might have mentioned him earlier, but he's such a cool guy. He's been studying like mad for a Police Officer test in March. He went from not having any English at all, to being able to understand and talk in English. He is such a hard worker, and one of the coolest things I see in him is his humility and faith. His family is all Buddhist, but somehow he has begun to have faith in God and prayer. He knows God has been helping him learn English and he prays every night for what he needs. He trusts us that the promises and the things we teach him are true. He's just such a great guy and you can really tell that he knows God lives and he loves us. Ryan is just cool.

I think it's funny that I also have a brother named Ryan... He got into Hawaii? Yeah, Ryan is definitely going to get into BYU then. All A's and great SAT scores. I honestly can see Ryan going to Hawaii. Playing Rugby there and going surfing, etc. I've always seen him as a future millionaire, sailing around the world in his huge yacht while wearing his aviator sunglasses. My little brother is such a "shwai ge" (aka a stud/hot guy/etc). Please tell him congrats for BYU Hawaii and also don't forget to ring the kitchen bell when he's in the kitchen. =)

Anyways, I probably need to go...
I love you Mom! I hope you're doing great with your Physical Therapy. I pray for you and the rest of the family every day. Thank you so much for supporting me on my mission. It's such a blessing for me and for others.

Love you!
Elder Scott Carlson

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