Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dec. 21, 2009

Hey Mom!!
I like what you said about adding oil in your lamp and stuff... What I thought was so cool was a phrase in Chinese that's used for encouragement often. It's Jia Yo. You might have heard David say it every so often, but in chinese, it means "add oil". We all definitily need to add oil to our lamps and keep on going through life.

Soooo.... for transfers... I Moved to DanShui! My next companion is Elder Smith and he's pretty awesome so far. It's been really weird though this first day. I took a 9 o' clock airplane to Taipei and from there took the MRT (close to the MTR). THERE'S SO MANY PEOPLE AND CARS!!! Yeah... I was pretty wide-eyed and didn't know what was going on. I'm deffintely going to need some re-training up here in DanShui.

So yeah! My companion is writing about me right now, so I feel it's only appropriate to write about him. His name is Elder Bret Smith. He's from Salt Lake City and has lived there most of his life. He also said that his dad might know some people in Price, so maybe we'll have some family connections of some sort.

As for the guy who stopped us on the street, his name is luo kang wei... He's really cool but shy at church. He came to a Christmas activity and is doing really well. I feel really good about him, but he does have some interesting opinions on some things. It seems like he would much rather talk about UFOs than about having faith in the Book of Mormon. So hopefully Elder Lindsay will be doing well with him over there in Yuli.

So last Thursday, we took a really crazy bike trip to a place called Changbin. It's on the coast, so we had to bike over some mountains and then down them. It took about 2 hours, so afterwards, our butts were sore. We got to go meet an investigator in that area and then we headed up back the mountain back to Yuli. It was a whole day trip, but we didn't feel like it was a waste of time. I'll have to show you some pictures if I get to see you here in Taiwan.

I really hope I get to talk to you this week! I don't know what number I should call or could call since you're here in Taiwan, but I'll wait to see what happens. Hope you all are enjoying your time here in Taiwan!!

(We ended up NOT seeing Scott while we were in Taiwan. But he called us at home in Hong Kong on Christmas Day and we had a nice talk.)

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