Friday, February 12, 2010

Dec. 9, 2009

It's been a really good week. Some disappointments, but overall pretty good. For Ryan, my companion and I are kinda sad about it, but we're starting to feel that he's using the time we teach him to learn English. Elder Lindsay said that sometimes you have to watch out for that. He said that the answers to the Gospel really are easy. For example, When you prayed, did you feel anything? Yes, I felt Good. What does this scripture teach us? God loves us... Like, they're really simple questions and sometimes we just don't feel he actually believes in the Gospel. So we're going to have to do something to see if he really does believe in it and actually cares to learn more about the church. As for the more up side of Taiwan this week though is a girl we met in the English Class we teach. Her name is Joan (pronounced Joanne). Her member friend referred her to come learn English from us, and after class we were able to set her up. We met with her and she already has a testimony of prayer and that a God exists. She came to a Branch FHE activity Elder Lindsay and I set up and got to meet with some more members. We also invited her to dinner with the Branch President and her friend that referred her, so she's getting LOTS of fellowship. She already feels really comfortable in the ward it seems and she's been praying to know whether it's true or not. I think it's just awesome! That's pretty much what's going on here. We do lots of member work and it's really fun. Keeping members active is really challenging, but it's worth it. Plus, it's easier to talk about Gospel stuff when the person already knows the Gospel terms.

That's mainly it this week. We had an awesome zone conference, which again I felt like was tailored for me, that got me going again on talking to everyone, sharing the gospel more on the street, and testifying more. It's really been helping out.

Wow! You guys are coming for Christmas. I really don't know what President Grimley would say, but I wouldn't mind seeing you all for Christmas. I really don't think I'll be the kind of missionary that'd get way distracted if I saw my family. So I'd be just fine with that. Maybe if I'm in Taibei, I'll have to make you all try things like liver, fish stomach, and other goodies down here in Taiwan :)

Yeah! The gospel is so simple. Not easy to follow though. I liked in 3 Nephi when Jesus shared what the doctrine of his Gospel was. All it said was something like: "Come unto me as a little child..." and partake of eternal life or something. I forget exactly where, but the whole thing of the church was in that small verse.

Thanks for sharing that Mom! I've been alot more happier this week, and I'm working on being more obedient, and it's coming slowly, but that's how we're supposed to learn. Step by step. I'm doing much better though. Thanks a bunch for your support.

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