Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 8, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad and Everyone else!

I teach English class for the Kids here in DanShui, and I immediately have a lot more respect for Teachers. They certainly do not get paid enough for their efforts. It sure is fun in someways though.

We had this long time investigator who decided he'll come to church. He got in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and had a bad wrist injury. He came to church and at the door he said "It's soo weird. My wrist doesn't hurt." He sat with my companion and during the meeting, he took off his cast and started flexing his wrist in all directions and just stared at it. He turned to my companion and said: "Ok... I need to get baptized. I have to do it quick and my family can't know about it"... So that's another issue, and we'll be working with him on that. He can get baptized, but we don't want any family issues. It was just a cool little miracle we saw here in DanShui.Here's a pictures I've taken recently... we have an investigator who is a security guard, so he let us mess around with his booth a little bit.

So, here's this week's story... The week started out good! We got to get lots of lessons in and talk to a bunch of people even though the 3 colleges and the schools around here are on winter break, and the Chinese New Year is coming up too. Then, during our District Meeting, the sisters announced that they have a baptism planned for this Sunday (Feb 7th). But.... they needed someone to baptize their investigator. Considering that I haven't had a baptism yet, and haven't even attended a baptisminal service here in Taiwan, they asked me to do it. So sunday came around and there I was doing the baptism. I had the prayer all memorized and it was good. Basically, the investigator's body was really really stiff, and the water was fairly low in our portable font. So... 7 prayers and attempts later, the lady was baptized. I felt so bad and embarrassed everytime I... kinda had to shove her down. But all in all, it was a good experience. I feel like she forgave my weaknesses, and it over all was great. She also is fellowshipped really well among the members, so it seems just perfect.

Even though I had the opportunity to baptize a person this week, I think the best experience I had this week came from a personal experience in the Scriptures. If you guys could read Alma 36:18-20 real quick, it'd make this even more meaningful. Basically in that scripture, Alma is recounting to his son his experience with the Angel. He said while he was passed out/unable to move, he was experiencing the anguish of his sins. But he remembered his father's words about Jesus Christ and called upon his name to deliver him from this sorrow and pain. After that, He said that he felt so happy and joy. He said his joy was as exceeding as his pain.

I really felt that this week. I thought about some stuff I really needed changing and felt that Godly sorrow for my sins. One of the saddest things I think I've felt is that severed connection between myself and my God. What's so marvelous is that through Christ's atonement, we can call upon Heavenly Father with a sincere heart to repair that connection. When the sin is forgiven and repentance is complete, the Spirit flows so strongly, and the joy comes. I really felt that. Not only was that time some of the saddest times I've ever felt, but also was some of the happiest feelings I felt. This experience let me know that God does live, and he loves us. Jesus really is the Christ, and the Atonement is one of the most important things we can use in this life.

Anyways, Life on a mission has challenges, but it's such a great experience. I hope you all are doing well in your everyday challenges too. It's always important to remember that trials are learning opportunities. Just always press forward with faith in Christ, and we'll make it home fine.

I love you all! I wish the best for all of you!

Elder Scott Carlson

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