Friday, February 19, 2010

Jan. 11, 2010

So today for Preparation Day, we're going to the Zoo. I hope you're all having a good time in Hong Kong. I saw some pictures of it the other day and really missed living there. Then it was weird because I could read lots of the signs of the buildings and other stuff in Chinese. Oh yeah.. You know the Tin Hau temples all over Hong Kong? Tin Hau in Mandarin is Tian Mu... Which means Heavenly Mother... Or Heaven Mother. It's kinda interesting. Just thought I'd mention that.

That sounds like an awesome time there in Taiwan!! I really hope I get to build up relationships with people here so that I can be able to take you around to my friends. A lady in Yuli already said that if I come back, she'll let my whole family stay at her house. She's such a nice lady.

Oh and I thought that was really cool that you said you went up on the Coast. You probably got to see amazing sights then! Like... there's this one part of town called "Changbin" which was in my area in Yuli. We've been there twice... Once was when a member drove us, and the other time was about 3-4 weeks ago with Elder Lindsay. We biked up those huge mountains and rode down them down to the coast. It was SOO fun... but really cold. But we had a good lesson with an investigator. I think that's one of the most beautiful places I've been. Huge foggy mountains on the left, and nice big beaches and clear ocean on the right. I was in Heaven when I saw that. Truthfully, I probably scared my companion because I was semi-screaming so much. Yeah... but that sounds like an awesome vacation! Hopefully when I get back, my Chinese will be good enough so that I could translate for you all. Right now, I don't get everything being said in Church, but I get a main jist if I listen hard enough. The hardest part though is when you're tired and just can't bother sometimes to hear what the speaker is talking about. Gospel stuff in Chinese is pretty easy, but when people go into analogies or life experiences... it's pretty tough. Like... I have no clue how to say German Shepherd. Maybe Deguo gou? (German Dog)

Anyways, DanShui is doing really well over here. I had a hard day this week, but things are much better after I had an interview with President. What we talked about a lot is sustaining your leader's decisions. My companion is Senior, so I'll sustain his decisions. I'll question if a thing is against the rules or not, but ultimately, I have to leave it up to him. That gave me a little more comfort. What I really want to do though is keep our companion unity strong, because from what I heard, Lots of investigators won't remember the doctrine taught, but the feelings felt. If unity isn't there and there's some hostile feelings between the companionship, the investigators will see it easily.

Yeah... that's basically what I learned this week. I'm working harder, and it's feeling good. :) I thing a big thing is not to worry so much. That's one thing I haven't been really good at. If I just relax and know that Heavenly Father is behind us in this work (or in front of us), then things are easier and I'll be happier. :)

Anyways, It's glad to hear from you all! I love you all so much and I'm so glad you guys got to see this country! I love it here and it's really so much fun. By the way, we had 2 non-members come to church yesterday, and now we're teaching them. :) One is from China, so that's going to be fun to teach him!

Love you all!
Elder Scott Carlson xD

P.S. I'm not getting trunkie, but I just hit my 6 months mark this week. Weird that I'm 1/4 done with my mission right?

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