Friday, February 19, 2010

Jan. 18, 2010 - Miracles!

Here's some pictures of Taiwan.. Last week, we went to the zoo, so we took some pictures... We found a giant poo, so we took pictures in it and around it. It was really really fun. Also, the picture of the sea and the mountains was a place called ChangBin, a place where my family passed through as they were in Taiwan. On the other side of ChangBin, is Yuli. It's really cool.

This week really was awesome and really fun. Last Sunday, we had 2 new investigators come to church that we didn't know before hand and added them to our list of people we meet with. One of them was really awesome. His name is Jiang Jie Wen. He was introduced to us by his member friend, and we met with him the first time this week. He's sooo accepting of the Gospel so far. He said that he's Buddhist by tradition, but has no general beliefs. We got to know him and shared random bits of the Message of the Restoration. After that, we talked about prayer for a bit and the meaning of it. He just suddenly said... "Can we try it?" Haha... we were kinda shocked, but said "YEAH!" Then... we asked who he wanted to say it, and he asked if he could. It was really awesome. I'm really excited to see how things will progress with him. We have another guy whom we met in English class, and he did the same thing too. Both prayers were awesome. It's really cool to see that all you really need to do is get people's faith in Jesus Christ and Prayer built up, and everything takes care of itself. That was a small but bit miracle for me this week. =D

So also this week, we had all our investigators set up and had a day with absolutely nothing on it, so my companion decided that we'd travel out to the borders of our area and explore and talk to people that might be interested in learning. It was an hour bus ride, but we got to talk to a really cool bus driver and go to the most northern tip of Taiwan. Also, while street contacting in that town, we found signs that told us we're in the Epizone of a Nuclear Powerplant... meaning that if it were to melt down... we'd be immediately toasted. It was pretty comforting =) Haha... maybe I should stop being sarcastic...

Other than that, the only other thing I can remember right now to tell you guys is some of the funny stuff we see here. I was biking and found a store named: "Hair Produce". We figured they sold Lice or Dandruff. I think I saw a sign in their window that said "Dredlock Chowder"... Just joking again. But that Hair Produce sign was funny.

I'm really happy here in DanShui and being in Taiwan serving a mission. Thanks so much for giving me this experience and for allowing me to come. I know I'll always be grateful for this. The Church is True!!!!

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