Friday, February 12, 2010

Nov. 25, 2009

(This was a much longer email, but it mostly related to the passing of a dear friend of the family.)

Things in Yuli are going good. Only thing is that I need to work on being more obedient. I've been slacking on some rules and I need to pick it up. When I was as exactly obedient as I could be, I was happy, I had my mind focused on the work, and I knew the Lord had my back. I had the Spirit more and was guided together with my companion to people whom we needed to teach. I'll definitley work on that this week and do my best to be the Lord's servant. Other than that, we have good people were meeting with, helping out the branch and doing other missionary activities. It's going slow here in Yuli, but it's good. Thanks so much for always caring about what's going on down here. I appreciate it!

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