Friday, February 12, 2010

Nov. 18, 2009

Elder Lindsay and I are in Hualien… we're up here for today because he has to renew a visa card thing... If he doesn't, he'd be shipped off to Hong Kong to reapply for a visa to Taiwan. We were joking to let him be shipped off so he could pick up some snacks from you, but decided a 10,000 TWD fine and having to pay for tickets to Hong Kong wasn't worth it. Plus Elder Lindsay is an awesome companion. Wouldn't want to change.

So, it's been such a "xinku" (aka hardworking) week and a half. Because Elder Youd left, lots of the responsibility was on me for a few days. I had to decide who was important to visit in the branch, had to remember things to do for our church meetings, etc. It's been really draining... Then on Saturday, we carried up some more binglang (Beetlenut) trees up a member's mountain. Probably some of the most tiring work I've ever done, but it's really helping out with our member become more active.

Unfortunately, our investigator with the Baptismal date has been skipping out on our teaching appointments and not coming to church, so we can't really do much to help him. He's also having more trials as his Grandpa just passed away. He's now in Taipei at the funeral. We keep praying for him to have the strength to pray and read. He's a great guy, but just needs more action to the faith that he has.

I was also really sad this week because Peter (the guy I felt so good about that we were meeting with a few months ago) still has been out of contact with us. We finally decided to drop him. Made me really sad to put him in the Former Investigator pile, but I have faith he'll come back in contact with the Church somehow. But hey, these are all trials and though it may be a little dark for us, we need to look on the horizon for the sunrise.

Other than that, our ward is doing great. Elder Lindsay is such a people lover. I'm learning alot from him about loving the people here in Yuli. He's a great companion and I hope I'm helping him out too.

Oh! Did you two by chance get my MTC name tag? I sent it to the Repulse Bay Apts, but I'm not sure it got there... I'm so glad you liked the pictures! I'll take more around here. It's so pretty and I'll definitley miss it.

Thanks so much for your letters! I love you both so much! Thanks for everything and especially this experience.


Elder Carlson ;)

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