Monday, April 12, 2010

Mar. 15, 2010

I just wanted to say I'm doing great! And as Dad has guessed, I just got transferred! I'm with an Elder named Elder Green. He's from Oregon and he's a cool guy. He's a hard worker, so I'm excited for the miracles we're going to see. We're in a place called TianMu, which means Heaven Mother. It's about 20 minutes away from DanShui and it's in the same zone, so I'll see my old companion still and some of my friends up in DanShui. It's going to be a good good transfer. Elder Green is actually my last companion's last companion. Does that make sense? When I came to DanShui, I replaced Elder Green. He went Senior in TianMu and has been doing really well. My only worry now is being able to keep up with him. I have such a big learning potential here in terms of fire for the work. He's a great example and I'm excited to learn a lot from him.

Yeah! I heard about Erika and Sterling! I'm finally an Uncle :D I wished them congrats for making me an uncle and told them how cool I was. Then I told them I was kidding and that I'm not that prideful. :) But I'm always working on being more humble. (The “making me an uncle” part refers to a family joke. Scott has 3 nieces, so when each girl is born, we say he is an Aunt. So now that the first boy has born, Scott is now and Uncle.)

As for DanShui, I had a great time there. My companion and I had some arguments and some unhappy times, but overall, I found my happiness in the members and my investigators/friends. I was really sad to leave them. They're all cool, but I know I'll meet some more friends here in TianMu and will get to know more people and share the gospel better as I learn the language.

Anyways, it's weird to believe that in a few months, I'd been on my mission for a year. I'm trying not to count the months though. I feel like this transfer is going to change that :)

Oh yeah! Sister Kunkel got me the package. She's one of my mission office friends. I was soo happy! Thanks so much for it! I was wondering if the mangos came from the pantry, because they expired in December... But we're still munching on them... I think it's just because I still feel invincible, but after eating them, my stomach feels weird.

Anyways, I didn't get to do much personal study because of this week's schedual, but I'm starting to more and more like Jesus the Christ. Especially since Easter is coming. There's so many things to learn from him. For example, in our Missionary Handbook, it talks about Leaders leading mainly by example and teaching. Alot of that is so important. If you're a leader and teaching what you're not following, you're basically a hippocrite. Jesus followed his teachings whether it be in his earthly ministry or in his Jehovah role in the Old Testament. I just love how he's a leader and an example, and how that carries over to us today in our leadership. I hope I can be the best example I can be whenever I'm called upon for leadership roles.

Thanks so much for being awesome parents! I love you both so much! Thanks for always being great examples. I feel like I've had a great childhood because of you two. I just want you both to know that I love you both. I hope things go better and a bit more relaxing.


Elder Scott Carlson

P.S. With all the recent earthquakes (Haiti, Chili, etc)... it's really beginning to feel like the last days...

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