Monday, April 12, 2010

Mar. 22, 2010

(Upon learning his new nephew was named Austin, which is Scott's middle name, he says the following.)

Wow!!! I had no clue he was named Austin!! WOOO hahahaha I'm so stoked! I'm definitely going to teach him Chinese and how to rock climb now. I'll have to wait a few years though. =( I'mmm soooo excited!! =D I've always wanted a nephew.

(And after finding out the things we did while in Taipei, he says...)

Wow... that's so funny that you were at Fisherman's wharf... I was there my second to last night in DanShui. We went with an investigator to talk and eat something quick. It was good. We talked about life, what he's doing with his and other stuff. Developing friendships with investigators is just about as important as sharing the gospel with them. That's acutally one thing I thought about for a while. Like, the Church has a lot of money. So much that they could mail pamplets and copies of the Book of Mormon (haha) to everyone in the world. So why have missionaries? A few reasons... We're called with power and authority, we can resolve concerns, become friends with them, and bear testimony of it. In a way, I think of it like I'm not baptizing people, I'm baptizing friends. =)

Anyways, I'm glad you had a great time in Taibei. If I saw you in Taiwan, I don't think I'd be distracted too bad. I'd probably just try to contact you in Chinese for fun and say hi. Haha... that'd be confusing for both of you and my companion.

My new place (TianMu) is really cool, but I honestly miss DanShui. I miss the ocean, mountains, hills, lots of people and other cool things. I have a weird feeling that I'm going to be confined to the city for a good part of my mission. I really do love the ward here though. They're really welcoming and warm. Lots of members are willing to go with us to teach lessons too, so it's going great.

(On hearing about Ryan's school trip...)

Wow... Mongolia sounds so fun. He didn't freeze to death... that's good. He'll be able to take those clothes to Utah and stay super warm. It's hard to think that Ryan is 18 now and going to college next year. Weird huh? Oh yeah! Did Ryan get my present by chance? I hope it made it to Hk...

Anyways, I think the coolest thing I felt this week was during my scripture study. I'm usually in Preach my Gospel and Jesus the Christ, but recently I've opened the Book of Mormon and read parts of it. IT"S SOO COOL! I just LOVE the feeling of learning new things in the scriptures. Whether its about faith, or the Spirit World, or other thing, the truth just speaks out. Sometimes it's confusing, but once you read over it a few times it makes alot more sense and has more parts that lots of people miss the first time over. Basically the scriptures are awesome. I love them.

Be safe and be happy! =D Just remember we came to earth to have trials... and JOY!

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