Monday, April 12, 2010

Mar 29, 2010

So I'm with Elder Green here from Oregon. He's a great worker and good companion. I'm working back to being exactly obedient, but it'll take some work since It kinda went down from my last companion. Andrew sent me a letter and he might be going zone leader soon, so he's pretty excited he gets to serve more.

As for work here, we have this awesome family named the Hou Family. The Mom believes in prayer and is going to finish off reading the whole Book of Mormon soon. The Dad has a few issues to work through and needs a basic testimony, but other than that, they're all great. I'm excited to work with them more.

Sooo... Guess what! My area is where all the foreigners live, so it's really been fun to talk to the foreigners here and having a big connection that most other missionaries don't have. The English ward bishop asked us to visit the members since the missionaries assigned to their ward can't go that far, so we took 2 hours out of a day to do that. The first person we visited said there were a few more families in that building. He said: "The Larsens are a floor right above us..." and I said: "Like... Nick Larsen?". He said yes, and after we finished our conversation, we went upstairs, and surprised my old Priesthood leader. Haha, it was so cool. His family is doing great, and their son David is HUGE. They invited us to eat dinner with them on April 12... haha little do they know that it's my birthday. So that will be a cool little treat.

As for the Hou Family, things have been great! She finished about a week ago now, and is now keeping a whole chronology/story book of the whole thing. Like... what happens in 1 Nephi down to Moroni. She's awesome that way. The one thing we're going to have to work with her on is Sabbath Day. She works on Sunday, and doesn't seem to understand the whole deal of not buying things either. It'll be good though. We actually got the husband to join us in a prayer, and as we left he looked a lot more happier. We're going to see good things from this family. =D Also, we found out through Sister Hou that Chinese people have April fools day. She called us during our planning for the week and with a sad voice said: "My husband hit me and said I can't join the Church. Like really hit me. I need to talk to you two..." We talked to her for a bit, and said we'd come after were done planning. As we arrived to her store, she came out all sad, holding a piece of paper saying.... April Fools Day in Chinese... She got us SOO BAD! It was really funny though. What did you guys do for April Fools?

Other than that, there's not much going on lately. I ate a whole chicken foot and felt like a Neanderthal the whole time. You can only look so polite when you're ripping off chicken fingers with your teeth. Haha..

Oh yeah! I recently realized something. When people say their chinese last names to people, they usually say a word so people can know what character it is. For our family name, the usual way to say it is Confucious, and they know our character is Kong. As a joke, I use the word "Nostril". So, around the kids, I answer to the name "Nostril" or BeeKong, in Chinese. It's really fun.

Anyways, I'm glad you had a great time in Macau! I hope both the birthday and anniversary went well! Dad: I'm going to send a card to you soon! Sorry I'm late!

Love you both so much! =D I'm so lucky to have awesome parents. I've felt the Spirit so much this week, and was reminded that it's not about skill, but it's about teaching the Lord's way, which is the Spirit. As it says in Doctrine and Covenants, "If it is by some other way, it is not of God" (or something really close to that). I know I'm not a great teacher, and it's a weakness given to me so I can rely on the Lord for strength, and for that I'm so greatful.

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