Monday, April 12, 2010

Mar. 3, 2010

The coolest thing that happened to me this week was our investigator Eason. It seems like this always happens to us here. We met with him after English class, and my companion left the room to take a phone call, so we just talked. He said that he's visited so many other Christian Churches, and they were all weird in a way. He came to ours and said he felt it was the true one. He said he really wants to try it out. He's just a golden guy! I'm so happy to have him. Only thing though is that he said in April he's moving over to Australia. So we're debating as if to try to get him baptized before that, or give him over to the missionaries in Australia. And it's quite possible that I could give him over to Andrew! They're in close by cities. So we'll see with that.

(Andrew Chenn is a good friend of Scott's from Hong Kong. They were also at BYU together.)

It just seems that whenever I get a cool investigator, they always move or something comes up. Kinda stinks, but I just press forward. I did my part, and I hope missionaries/members get to do theirs later. :) Eason is just a really cool person.

A missionary in my District heard about the Chile earthquake, and he has a friend there right now too, and so he's glad to hear that everyone is doing alright. I guess it might be just a matter of time before Taiwan could have something like that. I've already been in 3-4 small/medium-sized earthquakes, so yeah. Really, the signs of the times are coming. I hope that Taiwan isn't due for something like that for a while.

As for things this week, basically have been slow still. We've been moving into this really nice place. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, really nice family room/study area and a really nice kitchen. I feel like I'm living in a hotel. Plus it's like 300 USD per month. SO much cheaper than BYU apartments... makes me want to come back here and live here.. but I miss the US so probably not.

I think the hard thing with my companions is that I haven't had much charity for them. I'm always around them and just noticing flaws, which I really need to change. The other thing is when I'm trying to be obedient, but can't because of my companion's decisions. But I'm working on things and It'll be much better. As a Junior companion, I follow my companion's lead and just do the best I can individually. I was thinking about it last night, and decided that whenever I have a negative thought about my companion, I'll think of a strength he has and focus on those. I really want to treat my companion like my best friend. That's where I think most of the issues come from.

As for missionary work here, it's not bad. I won't complain. We had our whole day filled up yesterday with people and things to do. We had 5 lessons scheduled, (which is REALLY good), but 5 people who didn't show up too. So that stunk, but we got to get some other chores done for the new apartment.

Sorry I didn't write Monday. Our leaders didn't plan very far ahead and cancelled our preparation day on Monday, and put it for today (Wednesday) to let us go to the temple. I'M SO EXCITED! I haven't been to the temple in like... 6 months. I'm so happy to get to do another Endowment.

Anyways, besides moving, painting the old apartment, not much has happened. I did go on an exchange with another Junior Companion in my district, and we ate lunch at this American Restaurant. It was the best Chillidog I have ever had. We then went contacting and something my companion calls "Exploacting" Basically its Exploring, Contacting, and Tracting in one. We met a really cool guy, but never got his number. We're hoping he'll call us sometime to get more answers to his problems.

I told Erika this, and I just wanted to say this again. I recently have been reading Jesus the Christ a bunch, and it's such a cool book. I hope this isn't blasphemous, but Jesus is AWESOME!! He's totally the man. I've never noticed lots of things Jesus the Christ did. He really is the perfect mortal person to walk the earth and the way he does things really is the path we all should follow. My perception of him as a gentle, caring, emotional guy has changed to a being who is bold, kind, chastizing, wise, smart, gentle, caring, etc. He just does everything so perfectly.

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