Monday, April 12, 2010

Mar. 8, 2010

…Sterling… advice was to be the most obedient you can be, and you'll be sooo blessed. I haven't seen much success in terms of investigators or activation efforts, probably because of obedience or lack of charity. Not that I'm really disobedient, but that I let little stuff slide. The main thing though I learned is that I need to work hard to get Charity. Also just serve my companion! Like... Shine shoes, make his bed, breakfast, etc. I'll have to think of some creative stuff. But I'm excited to start thinking of some ideas to serve better. (Sterling is Erika’s husband. Erika is Scott’s 2nd big sister. They are expecting a baby boy any day now.)

This week was really fun and really trying. We started out with our Monday doing missionary work, and also painting our old apartment. I was looking at your Blog and I thought it was soo funny what you said about David's (missionary) apartment. You said that his was pretty good living conditions... I'm pretty nervous to show you mine! It's by far the nicest apartment I have ever lived in. I'll try to send some pictures. Ops! I don't have any, I have a video but it's too huge to send over. The whole trying part though was with exchanges. Sometimes... I just don't like them. I become the Senior Companion, and I'm just babysitting the other Elder while he tells me everything I'm doing wrong. But then sometimes, there's exchanges that are fun and you get a lot done. Elder Broadhead, a guy in my district is such a charitable guy! He's really been making my time here in DanShui go by happily. I hope I can learn some more from him if he's here next transfer.

So, other thing. I got a letter in the mail from my last companion, Elder Lindsay. I don't know if you remember him, but he's such a good awesome companion. I wish I knew that more when I was with him. He said that things in Yuli are going well. He got one of our investigators baptized, and has about 5 other baptisimal dates set. All from people he and I found and taught in Yuli. I'm SOO excited for all of them. Sadly I don't get to see them again and go to their baptisms, but I'm happy he's doing so well down there.

Also, I got a letter from Andrew, and he's on his 4th transfer in Australia. He's been made District Leader, and also Senior companion of course. He's doing great! :)

Other than that, things are great! I'm really excited for my new nephew! I can't wait to hear about him and see him too! Also, it's pretty funny that you and Dad are in Taipei right now. Umm... if you want you can give me a call!! My phone is... 0972... haha jk. I'm not sure I can give that out. But yeah, I hope you two will have fun! It's colder than usual so make sure you bundle up! Also, try to go find yellow watermelon! I ate at a member's house the other day, and they gave us it. I NEVER KNEW THEY HAD THAT! I was going crazy. They all thought my reaction was pretty funny. (Arvid and I visited Taipei – he on business and I for pleasure. This time we did NOT ask for permission to visit our missionary as we knew the answer would be “No.” But we even visited DanShui, where Scott is living!)

As for Spiritual stuff, I LOVE JESUS THE CHRIST! I've been reading that for like 30 minutes every personal study in the morning. I'd study other stuff like the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel, but it's so interesting that I can't put it down. I've never had so much new information about Jesus put in front of me before. The thing that stuck out was what I read yesterday during lunch. Jesus taught about the Sabbath and reproved the Pharisees about the lack of mercy. The one line that stood out to me was our Lord's words: "The Sabbath was made for man, not Man for the Sabbath". This simple phrase reminded me of how much force we might put on obeying laws (and mission rules), without remembering why we have it. The Pharisees forgot about the restful blessings the Sabbath gave, and basically put the importance of the Sabbath over the life of Man. It was great for me to remember why we even have our mission rules and commandments. It's to protect us. 100% Obedience is important, but without love and mercy, we're basically like the Pharisees.

Anyways, that was part of what I learned that day. I love that book! But hey, it's time for me to go. I love you both so so much! You two mean a ton to me. I hope you enjoy Taiwan. Make sure you get some winter melon tea while you're here. Just say "DONG GUA CHA" and they'll probably understand what you want. :)

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