Thursday, June 3, 2010

April 12

I absolutely loved General Conference. All throughout saturday session, I felt like I was receiving inspiration every seconding through ideas, feelings, and thoughts. My favorite talk is probably Elder Holland's. He is such an amazing guy and I like how he testifies so powerfully of things. I loved listening to him in the MTC. His talk seemed to chastize most people about morals or music or etc, and it really helped me form some goals that I wanted to set for this 20th year of my life.

I was talking to an Assistant to the President and he was telling me that he had one whole year of his life that would be used for missionary work, and he then commited himself completely to the Lord during that time. I wanted to emulate that, and I have this whole 20th year of my life to dedicate completely to him. (plus more after I turn 21 of course). It just feels so good, just like being spiritually reborn. I'm going to use care when listening to music, viewing media, etc, just so I can always be ready to have the Spirit to be with me. I've recently really seen the importance of the Spirit in my life. Another goal came from a scripture shared at conference. I want to be like Nephi, who leaves no part for the enemy in his soul (2 Nephi 4).

Haha, truthfully I feel like Moroni! He talked about his weaknesses, and I thought that we have some similarities! Both our hands are awkward :). Neither am I mighty in speaking, but I do have a true testimony that through the Lord, can we find strength. Anyways, conference was awesome! I totally loved it and I am so stoked for the Conference issue to come out!

As for investigators, we have a 19 year old getting baptized soon, but her dad has to give her permission first. He said he has to come to church and see how it is before he'll let her get baptized. She's been fellowshipped since she was 8 or 9, so there's not going to be any huge problems. We also have 2 other baptism dates we're working with and they're going great and faithful so far. I'm way excited for them.

Anyways, Conference was really cool. I hope you all get to read them over again and study them. We really do have a prophet in this day. A cool thing I also learned about conference is that it's tailored for people's needs according to the Spirit. We can read the same talk and get completely different things out of it.

I love you both soo much! I thought about it over the week, and I said "some cool shorts" would be cool for a birthday gift, but really, I'm just so glad I was raised with the gospel in the home. It gives me SOO many experiences and examples to share. It's SUCH a blessing.

We're going out to the beach today to play ultimate frisbee, so it's going to be fun. I love you both a lot. You are both awesome parents.

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