Monday, July 12, 2010

April 25, 2010

Oh, so a HUGE THING: SISTER HOU GOT BAPTIZED! It went SO well. Even though I didn't find her, it was cool to see her get baptized. She had such a good experience, and the ward members are excellent at fellowshipping. She's going to do so well here. But next stop: Her husband and kids! I'm already really good friends with her 8 year old daughter, so we'll see if I can get her to start praying with us. Her husband gets opposition from his parents, but I feel like eventually we can get him baptized too. That's one of my goals this transfer.

Speaking of transfers, today marks the new transfer, and Elder Green has gone down to TaiDong as a District Leader(The district I started out in). And my new companion is from Taiwan, and knows David! David moved into his Branch and a week or two later he left on his mission. His name is Elder Chen, and so far, he's a hard worker and really loves telling people about the gospel. He and his TaiDong companion had about 27 baptismal dates set when he left, so we'll see how much that explodes here. I'm willing to work hard, so we'll see how much success we can have here. I already sense some possible difficulties with the culture/language barrier, but it'll all work out as long as we're patient with each other.

This week has been kinda crazy. We got called from the Mission Office and they said that they want us to paint the apartment by the end of the week. When we got that, we knew that it would basically kill the missionary work for the rest of the week, but we still managed to get things ready for Sister Hou's baptism and other lessons too. But so far I had to paint 2 mission apartments. Haha, I think I'm going to start counting that number. So far I have: 8 Trees carried up a mountain, got chased by 23? dogs, painted 2 apartments, etc... Besides from the crazy schedual, things were a bit emotionally up and down. I still don't feel like my mandarin is where it should be, but that probably comes from comparing to other missionaries and people. It's alittle discouraging. But this last week, I really had a good time with Elder Green. He's probably one of my favorite companions on the island.

... Things are going to go really well this week. Brother Chen really has a big testimony about this gospel and is going to get baptized soon. It's going to be interesting to see what else goes on in this area, this transfer.

…I hope the whole volcano thing clears up. It's kinda strange/cool/scary to see that these days really are the last ones. Shows us so much more how much we need to prepare for it. A member recited this scripture to me last sunday (in Chinese of course): "If ye are prepared, ye need not fear" from D&C. If we're prepared for the last days, we don't need to fear. Being prepared to enter the temple is a great measurement of the preparedness. This life really is just a probationary time, and our real life that we should be preparing for is our eternal life. Here we do our labors, but there we live as families in happiness forever. It's fun to put that in perspective.

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