Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 11, 2010

This week marks Scott’s 1 year date serving a mission. The term “trunky” refers to having feelings of home and wanting to pack the trunk/suitcase. He still has one more year of service, so we don’t want missionaries to be “trunky.”

I've had such a spiritual preparation day so far... and it's only been 2 and a half hours so far. I woke up and started preparing lessons for the day, and reading a little from the Liahona. Now I got to read (my mother’s) conversion story on email. … we have a few investigators that have been investigators for a long time….Elder Weeks has seen the Spirit change their countanence, and really knows they have felt the truth of this church.

So yesterday, we had Uchtdorf (an apostle and is in the First Presidency of the church) come and of course, I took notes. :) To start out, I'll share this little story. It was seriously alittle bizzare, and surprised me. As missionaries were shaking hands with Uchtdorf, he would look in their eyes and ask them where they were from. Of course, I was busy deciding if I was from Utah, Hong Kong or Mongolia. To my surprise, he didn't ask me. He just looked me in the eyes while shaking my hand and said: "You're homeless, right?". I was SPEECHLESS! Maybe I was a little scruffy and looked homeless... but I knew he was talking about my family being inbetween moves. The Perkins could have told him about me in the car over, but I don't know why they would. It was just weird that he knew that, and it made me realize that if he was that in tune with the Spirit, and looked into my countinence, he very well could have been told that. It was amazing. At the conference, his wife talked, and she really is an amazing woman. I just thought... I hope I get to marry a lady like her and like my mom. She's a great spiritual lady, and my mom really cares about her kids and raised us well. I'll have to start searching hard when I get home.

Then President Uchtdorf spoke and talked about a lot of things. One that stuck well was how to receive answers to questions. He said, write down questions on a notepad, and when you study the scriptures each day, have that page open, and he promised: The more and more you study, the answers will little by little be revealed, until you understand that principle in great depth. (See Preach My Gospel, Pg. 6, Hyrum Smith Quote).

Anyways, this week has been going really well. I'm glad you all are having a great time there. I have difficulities in the mission field, but there's nothing I can't get done with the Lord helping me. I'm sure learning a lot and loving it too. As for being trunky, I'm not really too trunky, so no worries. I think the only main thing is me wanting an iPhone or iPod Touch. I heard of a Gospel Library application on it. It has Preach my Gospel, Liahonas, Scriptures, all the manuals, etc. And... will soon have a lot of languages. I wish I could just pop open a Liahona article to share with an investigator, instead of first having to buy a Chinese one, find out what I want to share, and then having to carry it around in my hands all day. Haha... that's pretty much it. I love my mission. I love you all too. I hope you're all safe and doing well. I'll pray for you and the rest of the family.

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