Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4, 2010

So... This week! We did exchanges with my District leader, except it was here in LongTan. It was amazing to see how many more prepared people we ran into. Or at least people willing to give us their information and listen to a message of the Gospel. The one that I felt SOO good about though was this lady. We were outside the Chapel waiting for our awesome progressing investigator Howard. One minute after he arrived, this lady walked into the chapel grounds. She told me she was looking for the Bread of Life church, but we told her it wasn't here. I quickly chatted to her about God and she opened up and told me her story. She started watching "Good TV", a Taiwan Christian TV channel, and after her husband found out, he told her to stop. She stopped, but gradually brought it back. He decided to let her do what she wanted. She then tried getting him to go to church, but he didn't so she never did either. She recently decided that she wants to go by herself, then finally bring her husband over slowly. She talked about feeling the Holy Ghost and searching for the Peace in life that comes from the Gospel. I testified a bit about the Holy Spirit and this Church having prophets guiding this church and through prayer, she can find out which church is true. It was cool. I called her last night though, and she said she only has time on sundays, so she'll come to church some week. I'm excited, and still praying for her.

Other than that, the miracles I've seen is just being guided by the Spirit in talking to people. As an old Mission President's wife used to say, "Follow your stomach, that's sometimes how the Spirit works". We were going to 7-11 to get a drink and copy some papers, and right as I stopped my bike, I found myself starting to talk to the guy next to me. I introduced myself and pointed out our chapel in the distance. We talked about Church and Heavenly Father and he said he wants to check out the chapel sometime. So we'll call him this week and set him up.

That's pretty much my week. It was good, but one of the most tiring weeks I've had. I'm so glad you both get to relax and visit with family in the US. I hope you're all having a blast and enjoying each other's companionship. I thought about it, and thought... I wish I could be there with them and RELAX! Haha... but then I thought about it... I am SOO lucky. Taiwan is so great to me, and I get to live in this beautiful country while preaching the Gospel. So, I love it here. I don't want to take it for granted. This really is the Lord's work, and if we desire success, are worthy, and work hard, he'll bless us, guide us to others, and guide others to us. I can testify of the Spirit in this life. It might seem magical, but it exists and works according to faith.

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