Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 1, 2010

… it's so cool to think that you're in Hong Kong. Whenever I talk to people and they ask where I'm from, I'm not going to be able to say "Hong Kong". Hungary would be cool to say, but Hong Kong is much more like home. Haha, when I picture Budapest, I picture a frozen city, with me freezing in my small Taiwan jacket... I hope it's not TOO cold.

This transfer with Elder Chen has gone by soo fast, and I've learned alot and have really improved in my abilities as a missionary. I'm a much better street contacter and teacher in lessons. In DanShui, my companion did most of the speaking and teaching, because I couldn't speak Chinese well enough. But now, I got lots of practice here and things are much better.

As for this week, the College girl (Sister Meng) and Brother Chen passed their Baptismal interview. We also had Sister and Elder Pratt visit us this week and what they talked about really helped. They said "Don't baptize someone who hasn't received revelation". After they said that, I felt really good about our two investigators. Brother Chen has a great testimony of prayer. He said that he was praying for a long time sunday morning for it not to rain so he could come to church and go to the interview. It rained REALLY hard that morning, but around 8, it stopped completely. It was a small, but cool miracle for Brother Chen. Sister Meng has a testimony too. I know she knows this church is true. So this week, sunday morning at 8:30, both of them are going to get baptized! Brother Chen had a problem come up with his college major, and he said he can't come to church that sunday morning. We're praying and fasting for a way for him to come. We'll ask him today if he can do the same. It's really imporant to get baptized this week because he's going to Dubai for a Tai kwon do competition for the next few weeks. Anyways, that's this week's main trial.

Also, after seeing how other american missionaries are doing with their native companions, Elder Chen and I are actually doing really great. The only conflicts are on missionary work methods, which everyone has, so things are really going smoothly :)

It seems like lots of Church leaders say that the most important thing to stay active and Endure to the End is attend church, pray, and read the scriptures. I really like it because a missionary taught me this the other day, and you can share this with others if you want. We have CPR! Basically when someone is dying, we try to do CPR and save them. We have a spiritual CPR too. It's basically: Church, Pray, Read. Haha... It's really that easy. If we go to church, we take the sacrament, renew our covenants, and feel the spirit. If we read and pray, we'll have the Spirit and be guided through life as we pass through our trials. It's really that simple. Of course we need to teach our families, fulfill our callings, but as long as we do those, we'll have the spirit so much more in our lives. We'll develop Christ-like Attributes, and live more and more like Jesus lived.

That's pretty much my week. It went really well, and I'm so glad you had a great time with Elder Hallstrom and everyone else over in Hong Kong. It sounded like a great talk.

I got to go... today we had preparation day on wednesday because... IT'S TEMPLE DAY!!!!! I'm so excited. I hope you have a great week and I'll talk to you on monday and tell you where I'm moving to :)

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