Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 20, 2010

That's so weird that it's your last week. I can't believe that we're moving out of Hong Kong. That's been my home for such a long time. Maybe I'll get to move back sometime after I graduate. I plan on moving back to Asia later in life, if I can.

Anyways, this week went really fast. I did exchanges with an awesome Elder. He's been in Taiwan for 2 months, but originally from Taiwan. His English is near perfect, he's an aboriginal, and he's the first in his tribe/people to attend National Taiwan University (the best university in Taiwan... basically Taiwan's Harvard). But he is the most "Awesome" missionary I have ever met. We worked really hard and had a great time in his area. I love being with companions that work hard. Only downfall is that they have really high guilt. Guilt could be good at times (to repent, for example), but alot of their guilt is negative feelings, that depress them. So, It's good and bad. I like working hard though. It feels good. I notice that if you don't work hard, time goes so much more slowly and you don't get the fire and happiness from doing missionary work.

We have an awesome investigator named Howard. We only met with him twice, but after the first lesson, he read and prayed about it all. He wants to give Christianity a try, and when we met with him yesterday, he told me that he feels really peaceful when he prays. He's way humble and wants to learn more. I'm excited to continue meeting with him.

As for Chinese, I'm getting better at it, and right now, I can hold a pretty good conversation with anyone. It helps a bunch more being able to practice it in Member's houses and also on the street when finding people. People open up and respond a lot better when you talk to them about their interests and their lives instead of trying to make them listen to our message. Also, you're totally right about this mission meaning alot to you. I have learned sooo much this first year, and I feel like I can talk to people much better. I've also learned alot about confidence and relying on the Lord. I really love it here. One of the biggest things though is seeing lots of symbolism in the Lord's work, and also just in the world.

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