Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 27, 2010

We just had interviews with President this week, and wow... It totally was a great awakening. A few things he told me were: More finding activites during the day, DON'T visit members unless you have an appointment (because it's a "waste of time"), and to get the most out of my mission, I should be a 100% Obedient, 100% Diligent, and 100% Preach my Gospel missionary. Talk about being guided by revelation. My companion likes going to member's houses and finding people on the way, but most of the time, the member is at work. So, whenever it's my turn to plan activities, I plan to visit Former, potential, or current investigators, or go contact people. Right after President interviews, I went on an exchange with my District Leader, and it was so good. It was so focused and spirit-led. I learned so much and received so much desire to build up the Church, to talk to families on the road, and to share the gospel. I can't take any credit for myself. All to Heavenly Father and the leaders that trained me on this. All I can say is that working hard really is the easier, happier road.

Anyways, thanks for your letter! I hope you all have a blast in the US. We met with Howard and he's still doing good. Really humble and willing to give it all a try. He reads and prays, and we just taught him the Sabbath day and now he's going to try asking his boss if he can get work off on sunday morning to be able to go to church. He said it's probably too hard to get the full day off right now, but he could try to come to church. He's really good.

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