Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June 6, 2010

I'm not in Taibei anymore... I'm in a place called LongTan... which means Dragon pond/swamp. I'm now quite sure how to translate it yet. They have a Chinese Idiom that says: LongTan HuXue... which means "places of extreme danger". Haha... it's like "Dragon lair, Tiger Den". So... We'll see what that means.

I arrived in Taibei Main station early, so my companion and I are writing emails now because nothing else is open in Taibei. We're going to go to the mission office later, and then to a market to get some stuff? I know it's too early for you all to write, so I'll use this time to send pictures :)

But yeah, my last companion, Elder Chen is pretty worried. His new companion is also a senior companion, and he's going home in 6 weeks. So that makes 6 people in his district and only one is younger than a year. He's a good hard working missionary, so he'll do fine. Our mission has numbers set for goals as a "Golden Standard", and Elder Chen and I broke all of them besides one, and doubled one of them. The important thing I hope he learns on his mission though, is how much charity matters... Like Ammon for example. He never said: "And behold, we got 56 new investigators, 10 baptisms, with 200 plan of salvation lessons taught in the land of Zarahemla." But rather that their goal was to "bring some soul" to the knowledge of God. Charity really is the key.

So my new companion is Elder Weeks, he's on his very last transfer and promises to work hard and not get lazy. Haha... I've had a companion alittle like that so, I'm used to it. But I trust that he's going to work hard this next transfer.

Oh! So Sister Mong got baptized yesterday morning. We had the service, and church started right after, so she got confirmed the same day. No having to wait. It was really good, and I'm pretty sure it was a good experience for her.

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