Tuesday, July 13, 2010

May 17, 2010

I was thinking two nights ago about what it'd be like to go home. Not like a trunky feeling, but just of how life would change, which really got me to appreciate this mission more. For example, It really is amazing to be able to focus this much time on spirituality and the Gospel. Back before I came on a mission, I went to church, fulfilled my callings, and did 5 minutes of drowsy Book of Mormon study, while out here it's 2 hours study, and the whole day to practice what we learn from the scriptures and Preach my Gospel.

Hahaha... I forgot to tell you that we were shaking hands with the Apostle too. Yeah, I figured that if anyone were to understand what happened, it'd be the Apostle. The person I had to worry about was President. So that's who I mentioned. I figured if Sister Perkins hugged me, it wasn't a problem or anything. It was just funny to be like: "Ahh! I got hugged by a girl!"

So this week, my companionship had alot more struggles, but we worked them out now. I'm finally having the spirit and having a fun time with Elder Chen. We've done some really good work these past few weeks, and now that we have more unity and more Spirit, I'm excited to see the miracles we'll do this next week. I still worry about Elder Chen as he worries too much. Worries about himself as an example, worries about the district, worries about the numbers... etc. I'm trying to help him out. Stress can be good at times, but alot of constant stress isn't good for the body. I'll see what I can do about that. Any ideas? Elder Chen actually is passed out on the couch next to me at the internet cafe. I might have to poke him or something.

But yeah, things are doing great! I can truely say I'm really going to miss the mission, so I hope I can make the most and do the best I can during this time. Like David said in a letter to me, It'll be nice to see my family again and friends too, but I'll really miss my friends and the people here. I got to see lots of members from DanShui yesterday and it made me happy to catch up with them and see how they're doing.

A college girl we've been working with (who basically is a member already) got her baptism approved from her father and now she'll be getting baptized in the next 2 weeks. I'm so excited! She already has a bunch of LDS friends and an LDS boyfriend, so she'll stay active. It's cool!

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