Tuesday, July 13, 2010

May 23, 2010

Wow... you all are having so much fun! I really miss Hong Kong, and I wish I got to spend more time there. Maybe I'll get to go back and live there someday. Oh! So I was talking to Brother Larsen about a month ago and he said that they usually offer the Foreign Officers exam at colleges every year... I was thinking about doing that when I get back to BYU. I would love to work for the Embassy. Just run around the world and let my kids grow up in different countries.

So, truthfully, this week went really fast. I can now testify that if you work hard, time goes by really fast. The 2 transfers I had in DanShui went sooooo slow. Truthfully, we didn't work really hard there. We taught lots of lessons, but as for sharing the gospel everywhere we go, we could've improved. This week, I've been focusing on a few things. For contacting people on the street, I've been making what Preach my Gospel tells us to do. It says to share brief summaries of restored Truth. So, I talk about the restoration, the Book of Mormon, Better family relations, etc. I share 2 sentences and bear my testimony of how it's blessed my life, and it's yielded good results. People are willing to talk more instead of just rejecting us because we're missionaries. It's really neat.

That's pretty much it? It really went too fast. I'm also starting to lose weight. Haha... When I came to TianMu, I was about 70kg, and now I'm around 65kg or less.

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