Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 23, 2011

President has finally found a person to replace me. It was one week earlier than expected, but it's alright. I've got my job down enough that I can pass it on over fine. ..(Someone) threw away alot of my stuff. I didn't notice for a day, so it was too late to get it back. Nothing TOO serious, but hey, it's my stuff... my cell phone chair, some numbers of people I contacted, and my watch. Maybe more, but I haven't noticed yet. Anyways, I won't explain all the details... I've had a really tough week, so I talked to president yesterday, then to my companion this morning, and things are hopefully going to be working better. I'll be honest in saying that I've never lost my temper on my mission, but yesterday was the first time I got REALLY close.

On the otherside, Elder Yu and I have been seeing some miracles in our proselyting. We met with this one girl named O. She's a Japanese major in College. She is Golden! I know lots of missionaries say that, but really, she's amazed us from day one. We asked her to start praying and to come to church the next day. She prayed at the end of the lesson, and it was one of the best first prayers I've heard. She came to church and loved it. We just met with her yesterday, and after we shared our message, she told us that she came to meet with a question. Why did we all believe this? She said we answered it without her asking. We then told her about preparing for baptism and receiving more blessings, and she started happily tearing up, and said she feels if she's not ready to be baptized, it might be disrespectful to us and to Christ. We reassured her that she could be ready, and that Heavenly Father understands our hearts, and as long as we're honest and true about our decisions, things will work out. It was a great lesson. I'm so glad we get to teach her.

I'm so glad for all the hard and happy experiences I receive through
missionary work. I know this work is true. I've prayed many times and I know that the Book of Mormon is true and Heavenly Father lives. I know Christ lives and through him we can come back to the presence of the Father. We may sometimes doubt. But we can always renew our testimonies through prayer and study.

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