Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 9, 2011

(We called Scott's mission to talk to them regarding his itinerary for coming home. I hoped he'd be the one to answer the phone, but it was another elder - I guessed his companion. We also talked a bit about going to pick him up, but ultimately decided not to as the cost and travel time were both so high. And we've been to many of the places he has served - including the office where he is sitting right now!)

Haha... It was pretty funny because yes, it was my companion who answered. After he transferred the call to Sister Walker, she put it on speaker phone so I could hear. She's probably one of the trunkiest in the office, so she wanted me to be able to hear my parents :). Before she answered though, my companion told me it was my parents. Ahh! I was tempted to talk, but Sister walker didn't want me to. So I was answering a phone call and heard Dad was hanging up so I quickly yelled "BYE DAD!!". I bet the missionary I was talking to was weirded out.

It's alright about not coming to Taiwan. I looked up tickets, and yeah... around 1000 bucks per ticket, plus the ticket back. Also, the routes are CRAZY! When I go home, I might have a 9 hour layover in Shanghai. So I asked president what I'm allowed to do, and he said: "You can't proselyte, so go play in Shanghai for a day!" So, we'll see. I'll just have to be careful that I'm not traveling on my diplomatic passport and I'll be ok. But yeah, I probably shouldn't be making plans so early. I figure I'll be happy anyways 'cause I'll get to see you and Dad soon. I have pictures and stories to tell too. So it'll be just fine. :)

As for conference, Taiwan watches it on Saturday and Sunday, so that's basically today and tomorrow. And since today is our preparation day, we're emailing really early to get it out of the way. We'll be in conference for the rest of the day. It'll be long, but it'll be good.

Last week, we got a senior missionary to go out running with us in the morning. It was mostly her decision, but we help her get the motivation to wake up. Her name is Sister Lin, and I'll have to show you some pictures. She's really spunky and likes to play around.

Well, that's pretty much it. It's been an average week of running, eating breakfast, working at the office, proselyting in the night, and going to sleep. All day, every day. At least I'm busy 24/7.

I'm excited for conference. I don't know what they'll say, but I know its catered for everyone who has a open, willing heart. Hopefully lots of people we've been working with will get alot from this conference.

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