Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 18, 2010 - Opposition

So I titled this email "Opposition" because of the recent opposition we've heard about from a nearby church in LongTan (which to be honest is like being attacked by a 5 month old baby. Completely harmless...). We met with one of our investigators yesterday, and he told us a story about the next door church called "ling liang tang", which in the US is the Bread of Life church. He said one day he was "compelled" by the minister to come into church. He pulled him into the church and made him come to their wednesday service. Apparently he was telling the whole congregation that if they took one step into the church, Satan would get them. Which we all thought was funny because our chapel is the prettiest, and most like a "Christian" church by appearance. I really liked how the church deals with opposition too. Basically, our 'enemies' spread our name for us. It's like free advertising. In fact, while our investigator was in the meeting, he talked to a lady who wanted to learn more about our church. She was just too afraid of her minister's proclamation of Satan in our church. I asked Brother Huang (our investigator) to give her a tract of our church, and tell her if she wants to learn, she can call us up and we can meet at a better place than the chapel. So we'll see how that works. I love it when other ministers do missionary work for us. :)

Brother Huang actually said something funny last time we met with him. We shared God's plan of salvation, and asked him: "Will you do all you can in this life to prepare to return back to Heavenly Father?" He thought for a moment and asked: "Like.. Spread the Gospel?" I was like... Wow... I was thinking of just one step higher, but he was thinking of actually joining the church and serving a mission.

But really, LongTan is a magical place. It's the missionary paradise that no one knows about. We literately have people walk into the chapel to learn about the gospel, and we run into people willing to "meet God" and find out what kind of person he is. Elder Swenson and I have NEVER had such a prepared area. When I first got into my apartment and was looking out the 10th story window, it was almost as if the Spirit testifying to me that people here were ready to hear the gospel. I haven't ever felt or been guided by the Spirit as much as I have in LongTan. Somedays, I could even swear that the Spirit impresses me to call a certain person to help us teach lessons. And almost always, they have time and the lesson goes great.

Sisters Huang and Su are still progressing towards baptism and they're doing great! Sister Huang had some Word of Wisdom concerns as well as not being able to worship her ancestors. The members we invited to help teach were awesome, and concern after concern, they successfully helped her overcome all of them. She now really desires baptism because of the "peaceful" feeling she got while at church. I'm really so excited for this area.

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