Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 2, 2010

We got to go fishing for shrimp during preparation day last week. It was lots of fun! You hook on a small shrimp, throw the hook in the water, wait for the bite, and pull it up! Then, some shrimp swam over to my net where I was storing the caught shrimp, so I grabbed it from the water! It was way fun.

This week went by really long, but it was way good too. They changed lots of things in the mission. Now interviews are quarterly and we're getting training at district meetings and zone conferences about how to teach our investigators so they can know how to receive personal revelation. The Church has been doing a few studies on it, and decided thats what needs to be done. They also made another Missionary movie, called "The District 2", which films missionaries in a California Mission.

Elder Swenson just pointed out that most of our awesome investigators we had this week were all girls. Eric Chen got baptized, but other than him and another guy, the rest are girls. I've had lots of missionaries point out that oddly enough, girls are much more suseptable to spiritual stuff. They really do make great investigators. We have this one girl named Sister Su. She's way awesome and prepared. She met once and said she'd start reading the Book of Mormon like mad, even though we never explained the history of it yet. She also committed to come to church. On Saturday, we met with her again, and truthfully, Elder Swenson and I did a horrible job at teaching her. She was patient with us, and still committed to read more and pray about Joseph Smith. She even set a baptismal date! One common issue with teaching women in Taiwan is that a large portion want to either be our girlfriend or our wife. And because we have no sister missionaries, we either have to decide to drop them or continue on. Lots of times, the women only do commitments because they like us. But Sister Su is no problem as she has a boyfriend who we've actually met once. She also seemed to have a great time at church yesterday.

Other than her, we had a investigator meet with us, who was COMPLETELY skeptical about any religion. As we taught the truths about God in the scriptures, and told him about the testifying power of the Holy Ghost, we helped change his unwillingness to a desire to get the same answer both Elder Swenson and I have felt in our lives. We're praying for him and hoping for his faith, desire, and patience to be enough for him to get an answer. I really like what Alma 32:27 says. It talks about a "desire to believe". We don't have to have great faith in order to believe in God. We just need a desire, and this desire will work in us to produce faith.

I feel like I'm really doing the Lord's work here with Elder Swenson. We work hard, but it's not just "busy" work. It's all going towards the Lord's work. This work really is amazing. I love teaching about prayer and about God, because that's probably one of the stronger points of my testimony. I've truly felt that God exists and He is my Father in Heaven.

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