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August 23, 2010

Truthfully, yesterday felt like the most stressful day of my mission. I feel like we haven't taught our investigators the best we could've this past week, and while at church, I was praying hard that they wouldn't think it was boring and would want to leave. One left because she had things to do, but the others stayed. Brother H follows us around everywhere, so I wasn't worried about him leaving. Haha... He even asked me last week where I got my name tag and how he could get one. I told him he has to be called as a missionary first. Then he could go get one. He'll be a good ward missionary someday (unless he has enough money and time to serve a mission after he joins the church). But yeah, there's so much stuff to get done at church, and I just feel like I couldn't get anything done with the time given, especially with a lesson before and right after church. But other than that, it was good. We have an investigator named Sister S, and she's had contact with the church for 30 years and is really ready to be baptized. ...she wanted to be interviewed by the bishop and then get baptized, but we told her she has to meet with us first and teach her all the lessons. We ended up teaching her ALL of the commandments yesterday. It was odd, but good practice for teaching 5 minute lessons.

We actually got to do something really cool this last week. Friday to Saturday was Taipei's youth conference. They pulled handcarts up a mountain and did lots of games. President planned for us to play games, but because of time constrants, we only got to do the "Go on a Mission" program. We sang 2 songs and talked alot about going on missions, including 2 videos about it. At the very end, the 2 missionaries that were leading the whole event said: "Do you think Heavenly Father loves you?" "How could you best show your love and appreciation for Heavenly Father?". Then after a bit, they said: "Those who want to go serve a mission, Stand Up!" Haha... of course us missionaries stood up, as well as almost all 500 youth. It was really cool! Then President gave a little talk about it, and surprised a sister in the crowd by giving her, her mission call (to Temple Square). It was such a good night for the youth. They were all so excited to see missionaries and alot at church yesterday asked us if they could go tracting and teaching lessons with us. Unfortunately, a few of them were 15-16 year old girls, so we had to turn them down for tracting, but invited them to help teach some lessons.

Even though I got to write to you on Wednesday, this week went by really really fast. We have 18 new missionaries coming to Taiwan, with maybe 4-5 leaving. So, maybe my companion will train and I'll move to another area. Hopefully I'll be called to be Senior companion, but we'll see what President decides. Truthfully, I still feel a bit inadequate to be called as senior companion, but I know if I get called, I can do it.

... we're teaching [eight people] right now. They all have baptismal dates besides [two] (because she can't make the current one). This is probably the busiest I've been my whole mission. Haha, I looked at the list of people to call and setup to meet this week, and I have about 12 people...

I need to start doing better... I study a lot, and write notes in the Liahona, scriptures, and Preach my Gospel, but I don't keep a study journal... I'll start that this week. It really is a good idea to do.

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