Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 30, 2010

Yeah, so actually, DanShui's area has the most northern tip of Taiwan, but.. JiLong is pretty up there too. JiLong is actually a port. I'll have to send some pictures. So far, the people seem really friendly. I waved to a little boy and he waved back and I talked to his mom for a sec. Really nice family, but forgot to give them a tract. I'll do better...

So Elder Chen is pretty awesome. He's a nice guy and seems really obedient, but can still have lots of fun joking around and talking. I always worried about talking Chinese and not being able to be myself because it's not my language, but I found out if you put work into it, you can.

OH! So this week, Sister Shi got her baptismal interview done and passed! (REALLY easily). She's getting baptized this saturday, but I'm sure it's too far for me to attend :( . She's a really cool lady and I really really like her. She works as a babysitter now because she's retired and bored at home. So she takes care of kids every day.

We just had an earthquake shake the building we were at! Scary!!!
Love you! I'm all good.

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