Saturday, April 16, 2011

August 9, 2010

Last week, we went to an amusement park for preparation day, and it made us so tired, but it was so fun. Truth to be told, I actually learned a spiritual lesson there about conquering fear. So, you both remember at Lagoon in Utah, they have a ride called "The Rocket". It's the ride that pulls you to the very top and releases you, giving you 4-5 seconds of freefall. Well, this amusement park in LongTan has one too. Every missionary was riding it, and I didn't want my companion not to, so... I gave into peer pressure and finally went. SOO scary, but I was willing to do it. And... actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. So, now I'm not afraid to ride anything else at amusement parks. Then for English class, we usually teach 1 hour English, and then 20 minutes of a Gospel lesson. I shared my story about fear. Then, I asked everyone their fears... "Snakes, cockroaches, etc". Then I asked how we conquer our fear... strange enough, I didn't get any answers. I prepared well enough in the morning for the lesson and pulled out a scripture. 2 Nephi 31:20 talks about pressing forward with faith in Christ. Faith in Chinese means 2 things. It means faith and confidence. Then, thinking about it, in English, there's not too much difference. We all say faith, but in all reality, it's confidence in the mission of the Savior and through his help, we have the possibility to return to live with God. Overcoming fear just takes faith/confidence. All we really need to do is press forward in our afflictions regardless of the doubts or fears we might have. Part of it is confidence that the Lord loves you and will help you as you work your hardest in doing what's right. Here's a phrase I really like: "Do your best, the Lord the rest."

We have Sister Su and Sister Huang preparing for baptism right now as well as 3 others. They're both having Word of Wisdom problems... so we'll keep praying and working.

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