Sunday, April 17, 2011

December 13, 2010

Yeah, I've ran into lots of the English ward members and always ask them to say hi to the Christensens for me, but haven't run into them for half a year while they've been here, until Wednesday. Yeah, interesting enough, I was talking to Brother Christensen, and he's served in most the same areas I've had 15 years ago. YongHe, XinDian, TianMu, YuLi, etc. It was weird that we've gone to the same places and have some of the same interests (doing computer stuff for the Embassy). It made me think that the next area I move to might be the mission office (because he served there too... but at the same time, I don't think I'll be going there). It was really fun to see them. Jeffery, Audrey, and Becky have all gotten HUGE. It's crazy to see how much people change in 2 years. I wonder what Ryan looks like...

We actually teach a class on tuesday morning with a few Relief Society moms. They have a play group, so we teach simple English, and play games. Non-members come to it too! We basically go over the story of Jesus too. They always say "BABY JESUS" or "MARY!!" so happily and excited. Kids are cool :)

This week has been crazily busy. Our district leader's companion left to the MTC, so they put him with us. We're now taking care of 2 areas of investigators, so most of the time is spent inside, teaching lessons. I have never been so tired. Well, I did catch a cold, but I just feel like passing out on the couch today. I've got letters to write though, so we'll take care of those first.

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