Sunday, April 17, 2011

December 27, 2010

So Christmas was really great. One of the best parts was on Christmas eve, we had a big Christmas party with lots of investigators coming and alot of members brought their friends, so my companion and I were just busy talking to people and trying to get their phone numbers. I didn't do as well as I should have, but it was a great event and everyone seemed to get a great vision towards our church.

We met with a lady last night, and she was awesome. She had alot of questions towards the church like if we have a pastor or why we have a chapel if no one lives there, and etc. We taught a ton about Heavenly Father and Prayer, and then she finally noticed the Book of Mormon. She then said: "So.. what's the difference between you and the Mormons?" We basically said it was us and she said she's heard lots of things. My heart dropped, but then she said: "Because, I work at NuSkin. I've heard the boss is Mormon." We just joked around with her that she could get the missionary lessons from him. My companion was bearing his testimony before extending a prayer invitation, and he said "Are you willing..." She interuptted saying: " baptized?" Haha, I thought: "Well, not what we were going for at that moment, but SURE!" So we quickly shared some doctrine and blessings of baptism, and invited her. She's now preparing to be baptized on Feb. 5th (I think).

Anyways, It was so great to talk to you all. The next time I get to talk to you all is right before my last transfer, so maybe you can place some orders of what you want me to bring home from Taiwan. I'll get you some cool paintings for sure, and then we'll see from there. And by the way, I really don't feel bad that I'm not in Rome with you all, I didn't get to go to New Zealand that spring break, or get anything big for Christmas, because I'd much rather be here on my mission. I was just joking by bringing that up. Thank you both for helping me serve this mission. I really love it here, and it's been a great experience. I've learned so much. A big part is the gospel. I know understand more of Christ's teachings and our main purpose for being at church. I know this is true and I know anyone else can feel it is through the Holy Ghost.

...the Holy Ghost speaks through our thoughts and feelings is doctrine. It surprising that a ton of people don't realize that. I was reading another church's tract, and they said to continue on the path, we need to have faith and read the scriptures. That's truth, but then they said that we shouldn't listen to feelings. It's weird how true the feelings part is. I can truly feel when things I read are true or not. I love the gospel.

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