Sunday, April 17, 2011

February 13, 2011

Subject: A New Mission...

I don't have much time this morning as there's been some changes to my mission. I got an unexpected call this friday from the mission president. He called me to be the next Office elder, so I'll be like [my friend, Alex] Elder Nightingale, always in the office. So, I don't have preparation day today, but I'm going to the office early to get started, so I wanted to shoot out an email. My preparation day will now be saturday for the next 2-3 transfers. I very well could end my mission in the mission office.

That's way interesting about Alex... One thing I noticed is that most Elders in the office get some sort of medical problem after entering the office. It might be some revelation President receives? Anyways, it's happened with the past 2 office elders, so I'm hoping I'll be ok! (Alex was in a bike accident on his mission in Singapore and had several breaks in his collarbone - it'll need surgery someday.)

So, I was sick 2 weeks ago, and it wasn't going away, so the mission nurse suggested that I go see a doctor. Taiwanese doctors are crazy! I'll send pictures later, but he put me on 6 medications. Ambroxol, Pseudoephedrine, Panadol, Medicon, Resplen, and Loratidine(finska). What he told me is that I'll feel better in 3 days. What he didn't say was that I'd be super dizzy and not be able to ride a bike for a week. Anyways, It was hard spending a week and a half inside.

Elder Denies and I are splitting up after being together for 3 transfers. He's sad and nervous about the future (makes sense, because he's only had one companion so far...), but he'll do just fine. He's an amazing guy and he has alot of faith. I had a really great time with him. I'll miss him.

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