Sunday, April 17, 2011

February 26, 2011

Truthfully, I love the office. It's super busy, I get to do some proselyting, and have fun. I know I'm not the best at helping people overcome addictions, problems, etc, but I know I can really help and serve others through my position. Actually, I've got rid of almost all my acne since I've been there. I guess the stress of doing missionary work got me for most my mission. I do miss going out proselyting and being with a companion like that though. To be honest, I feel that my mission is over. Because we're doing all these worldly things (phone bills, websites, records, fixing computers, working with landlords, sending packages, etc), all the past spiritualness is gone. It's like going from testifying and praying all the time to... working in an office! On the good side, It makes me really appreciate church and missionary meetings (district meeting). I can really tell when I feel the spirit and when I don't. So, it's hard in some ways, but it's a big blessing in others.

As for driving... no permit or licence. So, to my companion's dismay, no driving. He's already pretty sick of it... I bet he never expected an American NOT having a drivers licence. Haha...

We've been doing a really cool service activity too. It's been making my companion super busy, but its fun. We're doing a Health Puppet Show produced by the church. It has smoking, drugs, sanitation, drinking, and... I don't remember what else. We performed the Smoking one yesterday at a school. It's quite a blunt performance, including the skit: "Death by cigarrette", where we kill "lungs" after he gets addicted. It's kinda corny, but in some ways its funny. "Addiction" is a red octopus with a lustful woman's voice. It's pretty creepy, but pretty accurate in displaying what addiction does to you. It wraps you up and drags you down. Anyways, it went pretty well. We have 3 more shows coming up in march. It's going to be way fun.

I'm still really enjoying my mission. I know I only have a little bit of time left. The office is going really fast, and after the office, I'll probably only have 4 weeks of being back in the field. Way sad that it's almost over, but I'm just glad I can serve and enjoy it so much.
Life over here is really busy but really good. I'm really really really excited to know where Ryan is going on his mission! He's definitely going to love it. Also, Steven Lew, (Chris Lew's cousin), is coming to our mission! We received his info in the mail and he's now on the New Missionaries board. Really cool!

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