Sunday, April 17, 2011

January 10, 2011

I would love to take a team of global warming scientists outside and let them sit in the cold rain here in Taiwan, and tell me about how the world is heating up. It's much much colder here that it was last year, but we're staying warm. My companion got in a bike accident last monday night, and still has some headaches and sinus problems because of it. We might just rest this preparation day. But as for global warming... I still don't completely buy it.

Anyways, this week went by pretty fast and we had an awesome time yesterday as we were teaching a Wei family. We brought over another family to help us teach, and they did awesome. In fact, we're going to use them next week too. They both have a kid the same age, and they live the gospel well. They're such a good example for this family. No baptism date, but now they know what's the purpose of missionaries. We'll help them understand these truths. I know we'll encounter some issues along the way, but if Elder Denies and I put our trust in the Lord, we'll find a way to overcome it and help them to continue to learn about this.

It seems that as I've been on my mission longer and longer, things go by quickly because it's normal. Like... teaching lessons, tracting, contacting, working with members, etc. It's all good though and I'm loving every minute of it.

P.S. You know what's weird? The sisters that were in my MTC district are HOME!!! That's exactly what David said when I was in the MTC. "Soon you'll be on your mission for a year, then in another blink, the sisters will be going home, and THEN you start feeling old elders!" Yeah, It's really really fast. I feel like it's not long until I see all you again, and I know now that I'm really going to miss my mission, so I'll make the most of it right now.

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