Sunday, April 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Subject: Nightmares only come from your perspective on things....

So... to start out explaining the subject. Basically I've had about 3 weird dreams this week. Only 2 would be counted as nightmares though because I woke up at 5, not being able to fall back asleep. The first one was so weird because in it, I encountered all the decisions I had to make when I got home: Who to marry, what major to do, how I'm going to pay for everything, etc. I realized a bit of the pressure RMs get when they return home, just without the time restrictions they have. It just made me think about how easy I have it here. Here my worries are: Am I diligent? Am I saying the right stuff? Am I who I should be as a missionary? etc. It's all valid questions/concerns, but there are even more things to have to worry about. I don't really want to go home now, but it's stuff I'm going to have to face and solve. It'll be alright though. It just scared me for a bit that night. So, thus, nightmares come from your perspective on things. Going home might be pardise for some missionaries, and awful for others.

Anyways, this week we had a surprise Zone conference and it helped us boost our faith. President shared a Gen. Conf. Talk from Elder Edgely. It was about choosing faith. We choose faith through our works. Like, being obedient to the gospel and teachings of the prophets will prove the Lord's blessings are true, and this will give us faith. President focused us on being more obedient to receive more faith and help from Heavenly Father. It was a good talk. I'm striving more and more to be obedient to rules now just to see more miracles on my mission.

Actually, for investigators, we have about 15-16 people in total. Actually quite a lot, but 2 of them are families, so we teach about 6-7 group/people only. Not as many lessons, but more people listening. Sister W. and her daughter were able to come to church this week, and they seemed like they liked it. What she said really showed wisdom: "I've been praying, and I'll come back to church, because I know I can't learn and understand it all at once." So she'll keep learning and when she understands more, she'll get a clearer answer. We're also teaching a Sister Z. She loves her family so much and she's understanding alot and loves praying to heavenly father. She says it feels really good and happy every single time she prays.

It's colder over there so STAY WARM!!!

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