Sunday, April 17, 2011

January 24, 2011

Subject: Best Day Ever.

So, this week, I really had a great time. I had, probably the best day of my mission. I felt so directed in everything I did. I even saw some cool miracles. I took a picture of my Journal entry for that day, so I'll hopefully send that to you in a second. Basically, one of the highlights was how I was directed to the prepared. We prayed and asked Heavenly Father that as we go out contacting people to be directed to the prepared, or have them directed to us. We went to the MRT station near our house to talk to commuters, and I just offered a "Free English Class" pamphlet to a nearby lady. She looked at me, and just spoke in Chinese saying "What Church are you? I'm looking for a Church." I shared about our name, who we were, and what we believed and also got some of her background. She said she's been looking for answers about God actually existing. She said that because she was Chinese, she tried out Buddhism. Like, a really strong believer of it, and after 10 years, still no answer. So, she met us! :) I answered some of her questions about how we get an answer, how we know it's from God and not the devil, and what we do at church. She seemed interested, so I set her up a time to meet with the sister missionaries in our area. She later cancelled, but she really seemed sincere. We're hoping she'll actually meet with us and thus find the truth. It was really cool though.

Other than that, a few other answers to my prayers came that day. I'll let you both just read my journal entry and see. About the rest of the week though... really really hard. Because the Chinese new year is coming up soon, most people are busy, and have to schedual things over our times. We had about 20 lessons set up for this week, and about 14 cancelled, and one of our investigators stood us up. So. Yeah. It was just hard, but as we say in Chinese: Haiiiiii Keyi!!! (Still Can Do!!!).

Anyways, I hope you two are having a blast over there. I'm loving my mission even though I miss all you. I hope this next week goes well for you all. As I keep reading the scriptures and praying, I realize how true this gospel really is! Really! God lives! His Son is Christ! Christ is perfect, but died for you and I. And the important part is... He still lives! He still loves us, and he still performs miracles so we can become like him and live with God again. I love that we don't use crosses in our church. I realized it's all because we decide to remember his sacrifice, but realize and focus on that he lives today.

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