Sunday, April 17, 2011

January 3, 2011

I love this time of the season. I have Chinese New Year and April to look forward to now. Too bad it probably won't be "Cake week" anymore in the Carlson household because of us all moving around the world. But it will still be fun as it's yours and Dad's anniversary.

Kelly's note: "Cake week" refers to Arvid's, David's and Scott's birthdays being within 9 days of each other (April 3, 5 & 12, respectively)...lots of cake... and our anniversary is in there too (4th). Since then, we've added (yes, within those 9 days) the birthdays of our two sons-in-law and a granddaughter. They're all on different days, too (6, 8 & 10). We still have April 9 & 11 unspoken for!!!

I wanted to start out sharing what I wrote my mission president this morning. "I have to admit, I had a SUPER hard time this weekend. I, by my personal nature, like logic, science, psychology, etc. If I didn't had the spiritual experiences I had in my early teens, I might not be on a mission. And now, I've met a few people that pose questions that I've wondered. "Couldn't the use of psychology manipulate us into thinking we got an answer by feeling peaceful or happy?" It tried me because in a sense, yes, it can. It took me some prayer and thought to also realize though that those feelings I felt are much different than I've ever felt. It wasn't the 'pleasure' feeling I received, but as if I was being loved. My process of thought wasn't "I'm happy so I guess it's true", but it was "This makes logical sense with everything else going on in the world". I'm thankful to Heavenly Father in helping once again realize his presence through the Holy Ghost. I know these trials I face are from Satan, but as I conquer them through Christ, I'll prevail, gain a more whole testimony, and become more wise. "

I had a hard time these past few days. It seemed like all my dreams I had on Saturday night [included doubt]. It was such an awful feeling, but I still held strong to my belief in a Heavenly Father, and once again he has witnessed to me it's truthfulness. This experience of overcoming this has also helped me in another area. Because of the reassurance of my faith, I was able to teach better the same night.

We have a member referral from another area that we setup for yesterday (sunday) night. I've already met with the Mom and her daughter before, but today was to meet the Dad. But, the Dad called over his sister and her kid too. We had a total of 5 people learning together. The Wei family are really awesome. They're Buddhist by tradition, but don't really practice. Brother Wei said that he's never really known or felt that God existed. When he worships the Chinese gods, he has no feelings and no answers. We talked a lot about our experiences and testified that Heavenly Father answers the prayers of his Children. In 3 Nephi 18, it talks about prayers being 1) in the name of Christ, 2) being right, and 3) believing ye shall receive. Brother Wei understood well that we don't ask for $10,000 or anything else, but that Heavenly Father can watch over our families and answer questions. They all commited to try praying to actually understand God exists. We set them up for next Sunday. They are all so cool.

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