Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 19, 2011

As for the Tsunami, a really funny, trunky senior sister missionary showed us some movies about it in Japan. ITS HUGE! Just watching that thing roll into Japan was crazy. Totally unexpected too. First the ground shakes, then water just rushing up onto land. Really really sad. As for us in Taiwan, nothing really huge. I didn't even feel anything. We're all safe. Thanks for asking though!

I used to think that keeping the Sabbath day was just going to church and not playing with friends. Little did I know that doing service for others and learning was a part too. Instead, I'm pretty sure I got 15 hours of sleep every sunday. :) We shouldn't be doing work/labor, but we should be extending our efforts in preparation for the next week and helping others. That's something I learned in (the book) Jesus the Christ. The Sabbath wasn't made for us to honor it, but made for our benefit.

Ok, the last thing I wanted to say was the big change of heart we've been seeing in a less active and his wife. Brother Y. and his wife have been really making improvements, and I know the gospel is blessing them. When we first met Sister Y, she was really quiet. Brother Y. did his best to find excuses for everything. But over time, being friends with them, and most importantly, sharing the Book of Mormon, Brother You makes an effort to get a job, read the scriptures, and come to church. As I'm writing, he's in a job workshop put on by the church. Sister Y. has even made bigger changes. She's now more open, happier, and even laughs. She loves the Bible and thinks alot about helping her husband, etc.

The church really is true and I love the gospel. I know I'm not the best missionary and have lots of weaknesses, but I hope I can always improve.

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