Sunday, April 17, 2011

March 26, 2011

I really miss looking at pictures from the past. I'll probably spend hours on the Apple TV just looking at them. There'll be lots of stuff to get done when I get back over there. There's already ton to do here, and I'll just be even busier there. But it'll be way fun! I'm excited. A senior couple in the mission office showed me pictures of their grandson who just got back. Wow. They made a sign for him that said: "Welcome to the land of eternal P-Days!" That made me a bit trunky, but I got over it fast cause this week has really been busy. We have to prepare all the moves for the missionaries and submit forms that let them know we changed our addresses for them. It's sooooooo... hard. There's more colorful words I could use in chinese to describe it, but hard is good enough. Haha...

I'm running out of time because we still need to type those letters so the government will be happy with us. Really, thanks for writing again! This week really went by fast, and really busy too. I didn't even have time to eat lunch yesterday! We got new missionaries here and they're all great. It's tough but it's fun here.

AIYO!!! I'm so stoked for Ryan's call! I'm going to be so tempted to check my email because I'm almost always on a computer these days. I'll try to be patient. I'm just excited he's going on a mission and excited for it.

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