Sunday, April 17, 2011

November 22, 2010

I forgot to tell you. My companion and I just got transferred. Elder Denies and I are now in Xin Dian (New Store). It's right next to YongHe. Instead of having a 4 man apartment, we only have 2 now. We already got lost but quickly found our way around the area. We're also white-washing this area, so we really don't know what's going on here and how to do missionary work. It's tough but we're doing fine so far. I'm feeling a lot of stress, but it's normal for the beginning of the transfer.

But woah!! I knew you've been teaching Seminary, but I had no idea that it was with 23 students. I teach English classes here and I have usually 12 students. When I was in TianMu, I had about 25. I totally remember how difficult it was teaching that. Now I can't imagine what it would be like teaching teenagers from the scriptures and lesson manuals without games or other activities. But yeah. Wow. In Chinese we'd say you're LiHai.

As for the RM from Canada, he just got called and set apart as our new Ward Mission leader, and he is awesome so far. Too bad we left. We offered to take him tracting, and he said he'd love to... but we moved. So not anymore. From what I hear, this new ward is going to be really awesome. There's a few recently returned missionaries that still want to help teach lessons and do missionary work.

The Armed Forces Museum was really cool! I thought about lots of the stories and things I've read about the Vietnam War and other wars around that time. It's really really interesting to now get the Taiwanese perspective on it. I'm not that much of a history nut, but I love studying it because of Grandpa. They even had a U-2 spy plane exhibition. I saw the US Air Force's old logo and one of their pressure suits there. It really makes me want to go up there someday. Go fly around and become a jet pilot. But... we'll see. I'll most likely get my job somewhere on the ground.

As for Christmas, I really can't think of anything. I'm serving a mission and that's a great enough gift and blessing. I'd be happy enough with a handwritten card/letter from you and Dad. Thank you! :)

I can't wait to get back in contact with lots of people like Michael Rollins, Wietse, Hans, David (Badinga), and others in HK. I think I've actually made that a goal in my life. Get back to Hong Kong! It's really what seems like home to me. Provo is cool. Midway is too. But I had my friends and family there in Hong Kong, so it just feels that way to me. But of course, home is really where you and Dad are. That'll always feel like home to me too.

I'm actually shocked about lots of Taiwanese people here. We asked if they would like to have an eternal marriage, and a lot say that they don't want one. They just want to have fun here on earth, have no commitments, and be free later on. We might not see it as much in the US, but in Taiwan and in other Asian countries, what the prophets say about Satan attacking the family is true. It's way sad.

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