Sunday, April 17, 2011

November 29, 2010

Yeah... "balmy Xin dian"... It's so cold here! I had to put on a long-sleeve shirt! Like... I ALMOST FROZEE!!!! Hahaa... just kidding. I'm still walking around in short sleeves and my thin summer "naked" pants. (called naked because they're so light, it feels like you're naked). I think if I went to Utah or Budapest for a winter, I'd die. It was so cold in Utah. I think I'll live in warmer areas the rest of my life. But then again, Snow is so much fun.

I love giving Elder Denies different foods to eat. Sometimes I tempt him to eat stinky tofu, or 100 year old egg, or pigs foot, but he always rejects it. I did make smores' yesterday though and he loved it. It's so nice to eat foods from home.

As for this week, I thought it was alittle tough, but good at the same time. The biggest trial wasn't leading in the area because I'm used to that from having a lazy companion or two in the past, but the hardest thing was loving the Taiwanese people. Sometimes being rejected day after day with silly excuses wears on me. I really liked Christ's Parable of the Great supper though. I read that yesterday and all my bad feelings went away, and I had a greater desire to work towards these people's salvation. Go look it up in Jesus the Christ... it's so great. Anyways, we haven't found any solid investigators yet, but we know the principle of patience and endurance and now that we know our area more, we'll do well in finding those prepared as we make plans to proselyte.

Oh, LiHai means awesome... or incredible... or fierce... or extraordinary. Things like that.
I remember those days where you and Dad took us out to do random things of service... like cleaning the parking lot in South Africa or helping out the man with leoprocy in India.

Well, Elder Denies and I have to go out to the mission office, and then after that we're going to do some of his family history since he hasn't ever started his. His grandma might not be around too long too, so he wants to get as much done as possible. He says Hi back! He might be going to BYU after his mission, so you might be able to meet him in 2 years. He's such a good Elder. I learn from him daily.

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