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October 11, 2010

Well, I think I was bothered too much about not being senior companion because I moved again. And now not only am I senior, I'm training a new missionary, and I'm opening a new area in the mission. Ahh...evidence of the stress/nervousness I've been feeling. I'm going to a place called ZhongHe. It's right below Taipei city, and is supposedly the most populated area in Taiwan. Sooo... looks like we'll be doing lots of finding and street contacting. I'm excited too because I have a few days to relax into my area. My companion is Elder Dannies? He's from Malaysia, and I haven't met him yet. He got tonsilitus so he's still in Utah. We'll live in the same apartment as the Zone Leaders, so I'll be with them for at least a few days before he comes. So it's not as stressful as it seemed.

I know I'll miss Elder Chen though. He is also one of my more favorite companions. We can joke around, and work hard together and haven't had any real arguements. Maybe being Junior for another transfer was a blessing to do the work happily with no companionship problems. I sure hope it will help me work with my new companion. From what I've heard about my new companion, he's been a member for about a year, and has a "strong sweet" testimony, as one of the new sister missionaries said.

As for conference, I thought I would understand alot in Chinese... but not really much at all. I was sitting next to an investigator who was dozing off, so, I applied some things I learned when I was a kid. I figured that listening on the side was better than sleeping, so I played some drawing games with him on some paper. I'm just hoping he enjoyed it more than if he was sleeping. I hope he listened more too and got more out of it. I'm really excited now to get the Ensign and actually understand what all was said. I remember one thing though. I think it was Elder Ballard's talk on Sunday Afternoon. I didn't understand much of it, but it had the spirit when he bore his testimony.

Anyways, I just met my new companions for the meanwhile. They're both Zone Leaders over about 28 missionaries. Crazy huh? So I'm pretty sure the start of the transfer will go well. From what President has said, my companion and I are a "Special" area. Not necessarily an older closed area. He told the older Zone Leader a few things. Basically they're in charge of baptizing, while my trainee and I are in charge of finding. Instead of just splitting their area, they think we'll cover our whole district, thus being in charge of finding. I still don't know what this all entails, but I'll catch it in a few days.

Sorry I don't have anything really cool or big to share as I didn't understand much of conference, and haven't had personal study for 2 days (because of training and moving). But I really believe this church is true. I read Alma 32 this morning and found it interesting. When he talks about the seed, it's the Word of God. I thought it was faith. The more we study and pray about the word of God, our faith grows. Then, if it keeps growing and growing, it turns into a tree that bears the fruit of eternal life. Cool Eh? I thought it was just faith and desiring to believe. So the more we read the scriptures and the words of the prophets (also God's), then our faith and testimony grow. I really liked it. It also talked about enduring to the end. I think I'll share that a bit to less-actives or new converts. I thought it was great.

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